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Creating a passion for the game and building character that carries into everyday life.

Our Purpose

To create a positive experience through the power of sports so that the youth of our community are better equipped to make a beneficial impact in our world.


Legacy Sports – Behind the Name

No matter the sport, we want players to leave a legacy – a legacy of compassion, dedication, and grit that is taken beyond rec sports, travel ball, or even high school teams. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. That’s what Legacy Sports is – an organization that we hope will live on into the future of sports and be a gateway for community and sportsmanship in Middle Georgia.

As we attend or participate in the sporting events at Southern Pines Regional Park, we are writing our legacy, and it’s growing with each ball kicked into a net, pop fly caught for a win, or last-second touchdown scored.

Legacy is not leaving something for people, it’s leaving something in people.


Why Should Legacy Sports Host Your Next Tournament?

  • Emphasis on sportsmanship

  • Committed to safety

  • Centrally-located, top-notch facilities

  • RV overnight parking options